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The Audience Has Spoken: CanUX 2016 Statistics

December 20, 2016 by Corneliux

Immediately following CanUX 2016 we sent out an online feedback survey link hoping to evaluate how we’ve done (we are suckers for research, what can we say). 45.5% (239 of the 525) of participants responded (the highest number we’ve ever had to date), and this article is a distilled version of what we’ve learned. But before we proceed, we would like to once again thank each and every single one of you who took 2 minutes to answer our quick survey back in November 2016.

The first set of figures shows how CanUX has progressed in its seven years in Ottawa. The audience has continued to grow every year, and our geographical coverage is now reaching coast to coast from Halifax to Vancouver. Our speaker lineup numbers are down 1% this year to 96% (which still a rating we’re extremely proud of), but given the fact that we had 2 of our 3 keynotes cancel their appearances relatively last minute, this is more than understandable. We were lucky enough to have no cancellations in the first six years of running CanUX, and this year was an anomaly based on our track record. Our venue feedback holds steady at 98% which is in line with the approval rating we’ve had every year since we moved the conference to the beautiful Canadian Museum of History.


The CanUX 2016 was our 7th straight sellout.
  • 2016: 525 Participants
  • 2015: 527 Participants
  • 2014: 463 Participants
  • 2013: 452 Participants
  • 2012: 374 Participants
  • 2011: 226 Participants
  • 2010: 175 Participants


Overall, the CanUX speaker lineup was appropriate.
  • 2016: 96%
  • 2015: 97%
  • 2014: 98%
  • 2013: 94%
  • 2012: 97%
  • 2011: 95%
  • 2010: 87%


The CanUX conference venue was appropriate.
  • 2016: CMH 98%
  • 2015: CMH 98%
  • 2014: CMH 98%
  • 2013: CMH 99%
  • 2012: OLT 66%
  • 2011: U of O 89%
  • 2010: U of O 87%

From a content perspective, our 20 speakers hailing from 5 countries on 3 different continents seem to have created a diverse and engaging program as shown by our content figures below. Also, the variety of session lengths (from 50 minute keynotes down to 15 minute short talks) seems to work quite well in a single track format.

From an organizational perspective, 2016 was a difference maker, as our approval skyrocketed from 91% 2015 to 98.45% in 2016, meaning that almost 99% of you agree or strongly agree that CanUX is well organized, and our efforts to improve year over year aren’t going unnoticed. And while we are all aware of a few things we can still improve over this year, we consider this as a strong endorsement to keep doing our thing. And since almost 67% of you (exactly the same number as last year) think that CanUX is better or significantly better than other conferences you’ve been to, and overall, we seem to be heading in the right direction.


The CanUX 2016 content was appropriate.
  • Strongly agree 25.45%
  • Agree 50.00%
  • Neutral 19.64%
  • Disagree 4.91%
  • Strongly disagree 0.00%


Overall, CanUX 2016 was well organized.
  • Strongly agree 64.29%
  • Agree 33.93%
  • Neutral 1.34%
  • Disagree 0.45%
  • Strongly disagree 0.00%


Compared to other conferences, CanUX is
  • Significantly better 24.55%
  • Better 41.96%
  • Neutral 29.91%
  • Worse 3.93%
  • Significantly worse 0.45%

So there you have it folks, thank you for another fantastic year and we really really hope you can make it again in 2017, it’s going to be another epic few days of CanUX goodness.
See you in November.

*Image credit: CanUX & Elida Arrizza

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