November 3-5, 2017 in Ottawa, Canada.
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Over the years, we’ve asked you to (anonymously) tell us what you think of our event. Your thoughts were overwhelmingly positive, and this is a very small sample of the feedback we’ve received. This is also what we refer back to every year when we consider whether it’s worth organizing another event.

Enjoyed the MC, the variety of speakers, the environment, the volunteers, and the overall community-like atmosphere. It felt “special” or “exclusive” if I can say that. Nicely done!

This is such a great crowd. Great people that care for the work they do, for their craft and for each other.

A great introduction to the world of UX and its community, for a newcomer.

End to end quality – smooth experience, great value, great venue.

The speakers!!! You guys are doing an amazing job curating, my mind was totally blown.

As my first UX conference experience, this was definitely a success. Great initiative, great energy. Thank you.

The organizers! (Seriously, you rock!) The vibe. The venue (top-notch!). The awesome presenters – world class, and international.

The talks were amazing. The pace was perfect.

My head is still swirling with inspiration, insights, principles and mantras. Truly a world-class conference.

The event has a great vibe and the emcee is spectacular. Not great, not nice, not cool… SPECTACULAR.

I like the great price and the fact that it’s not a commercial event. Friendly & simple.

I was impressed by the excitement and passion of everyone on stage.

I love the feeling of being a part of a big UX community.

I really enjoyed the variety of the content as well as the quality of the sessions. Each and every session offered unique and thought provoking ideas for participants to reflect upon. I enjoyed the sessions immensely.

The facilities were fabulous, the lunch and refreshments were great! Lots of great volunteers making things run smoothly.

The great speaker lineup always draws an amazing crowd & community.

Amazing line-up and great value for the money, really inspiring ideas and speakers.

I love that the conference happens in a single room. You don’t have to think about what you’re missing next door.

Loved the fact that most sessions were future oriented and gave a lot of perspective regarding what’s next in UX.

I was suprised by the range of speaker backgrounds, and the mix of inspirational and case-study like sessions.

This is the definition of seeing international speakers at an affordable price! Kudos!

I liked that your speaker lineup included practitioners from diverse industries and backgrounds, not just high-tech.

I liked that your speaker lineup included practitioners from diverse industries and backgrounds, not just high-tech.

Great mix of speakers and an amazing moderator.






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