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Andrew Mayfield is the first ever Kiwi at CanUX

July 27, 2016 by Corneliux

A UX community leader from New Zealand joins CanUX 2016.

Five Short Stories from my Experiences Designing for Designers
} Time: TBD / 30 MINUTES

In my few years as CEO and Product Manager at Optimal Workshop, we’ve built a product suite that helps researchers and designers make evidence-based decisions. I’ll share a few tales that illustrate the delights and perils of designing and managing products used by designers, one of which goes all the way back to when I was just 10 years old.

Speaker Bio: Andrew Mayfield

Andrew is the CEO of renowned Wellington, New Zealand-based online user research software provider Optimal Workshop, a suite of tools for people working to understand their user base in order to make better design decisions, and convince others to do the same. While in his dayjob he sets the company’s strategic direction, he is also actively involved in the information architecture and user experience communities in New Zealand and abroad.

Living on the side of green hill in windy Wellington with his wife, two young children, and spaniel-labrador Bowie, Andrew believes their geographical locale is great because it means his company has to be exceptional at practicing the remote research techniques that they preach, but not so great because it forces them spend a lot of time in the air when they want to connect with people (though that doesn’t stop them, as his presence at CanUX and many other events around the globe attest).

Prior to Optimal Workshop, Andrew was the Founder of CEO of Spikefin, an award-winning PoS software firm whose technology was subsequently acquired in 2009.

Andrew also has a fascination with all things related to robots. In fact, Optimal Workshop also have a couple of upcoming fun R&D initiatives involving robotics and the psychology of emotion.

For more info, you can follow Andrew on on Twitter @andrewfantastic

*Image credit: Andrew Mayfield

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