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Akendi’s Dominira Saul will teach UX strategy at CanUX 2017

February 7, 2017 by Corneliux

A UX strategy primer completes our 2017 workshop lineup.

W6: Scaling UX Methodology to Affect Organizational Change
} Nov 2, 2017   1:30PM / 3.5 Hours

Many UX methodologies and artifacts are seen as tactical approaches to solving product or service issues. These tactics tend to be bottom up approaches to UX. There is real power however in applying the principles of UX on a strategic level to promote change toward a more user/customer centric way of working. We will demonstrate that it is possible to use tried and true techniques and artefacts that most UX practitioners are familiar with, in a strategic way, to drive organizational change.

In this workshop, we will explore how to measure experience, and discuss other UX metrics that can be used as key performance indicators. We will also identify the artifacts that are necessary in order to track whether key business objectives are being met and how they can be used to course correct. The participants will work in small groups on real world use cases in which the implementation of organizational change was necessary in order to successfully solve product or services problems. They will be challenged to apply the concepts learned in the first part of the workshop and then have their solutions compared to the actual solutions.

At the end, the workshop participants will have learned how to use metrics and KPIs to drive a better service or product experience, and drive organizational change toward a more user/customer centered way of doing business. There are no prior knowledge requirements for this workshop, however, those who are interested in business transformation will be best suited.

Speaker Bio: Dominira Saul

Dominira Saul is the Chief Experience Architect at Akendi, an international design consultancy with Canadian offices in Ottawa and Toronto, and UK offices in London and Cambridge. Over the last twenty years he has seen the UX industry evolve from being a fringe discipline practiced by a few enlightened people to being a mainstream approach used to guide the design of products and services. While the names may change, the concept of putting the person for whom you are designing a product or service at the centre of your strategic and tactical activities and making decisions based on a research-driven understanding of that person’s needs, is one that has withstood the test of time.

Dominira was taught by the founders of Carleton University’s world renowned Human Oriented Technology (HOT) Lab and went on to earn a Masters degree in User Interface Design from the London Guildhall University. Dom has worked with and led some of Canada’s largest and most well know UX consultancies. He has delivered research, design and business strategy solutions to clients large and small all over the globe.

For more info, you can follow Dom on on Twitter @dominira_akendi

*Image credit: Dominira Saul

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