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The CanUX Friday Dinners Are Back in 2016

November 3, 2015 by Corneliux

If you’re new to CanUX, this is a good way to meet some event veterans.

For the second year in row, our social committee is organizing Friday dinners for our CanUX attendees. Whether you are attending CanUX for the first time and are trying to find out a bit more about what to expect at the event, or you are an out of town participant looking for something to do on Friday night, the dinners are a great way to hang out with fellow canucks ahead of the big event on Saturday. On top of that, these restaurants have great food, so your tastebuds will be grateful. These dinners are not subsidized (so you will be responsible to pay your own bill) and reservations are under name of the dinner host (Stephanie A, Laura W, Meghan H, or Michael S)’.

Dinner listings

Dinner #1:
Friday, Nov 11, 6:00pm
Restaurant: town.
Address: 296 Elgin Street
Host: Stephanie Albert @stephbydesign
Remaining seats: 4

Dinner #2:
Friday, Nov 11, 6:00pm
Restaurant: Pure Kitchen (vegetarian only)
Address: 340 Elgin Street
Host: Laura Wesley @resultsjunkie
Remaining seats: 3

Dinner #3:
Friday, Nov 11, 8:00pm
Restaurant: Brother’s Beer Bistro
Address: 366 Dalhousie Street
Host: Meghan Hellstern @mhellstern

Dinner #4:
Friday, Nov 11, 8:30pm
Restaurant: Union 613
Address: 315 Somerset Street West
Host: Michael Sanford @msanford
Remaining seats: 1

How to reserve

If you’d like to participate in one of the organized dinners, please let us know your top 2 preferences by emailing canuxconf AT gmail.com with ‘CanUX dinners‘ as the subject line, and we’ll reply to you confirming your participation. We will keep updating this page regularly to show the remaining number of spots available, and should we require, we may make additional reservations as needed. We are looking forward to seeing you Friday, Nov 11.

*Image credit: CanUX & Elida Arrizza

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