Fall 2018 in Ottawa, Canada.
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Toronto’s Linn Vizard will speak at CanUX in 2017

February 8, 2017 by Corneliux

She is our first 2017 speaker based in Canada.

There’s a Map For That! The Designer’s Cartography of Complexity
} Nov 4/5, 2017   TBD / 30 MINUTES

Why are service designers making so many maps these days? Customer journey maps, empathy maps, experience maps and strategy roadmaps… We make maps to draw insight, catalyze ideas, to get on the same page, and as tools for understanding complex experiences and processes. At the service layer, we are using maps to drive decisions that impact end users as well as those who deliver services.

How did we get here? What makes a map useful? What’s next for these tools? How will they evolve? What cartographic capabilities do we need to develop as practitioners designing services? Let’s talk about maps!

Speaker Bio: Linn Vizard

Based in Toronto, Linn (short for “Linnea”) is one of Canada’s leading advocates of service design. As a Senior Associate, Service Design at Bridgeable, Linn leads teams in applying service design to solve complex organizational and experience design challenges. On client projects, she has worked with organisations such as TELUS, The Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto Public Library, The Movie Network, and Porter Airlines. She is the co-founder and organizer of Service Design Toronto, and has previously worked as a designer at some of Toronto’s leading design consultancies. Linn loves building dialogue, connection and community around design.

Linn was also a member of the city service design team Designing Dublin – a forward-thinking citizen-driven civic service design project, back before we called it service design. She is a contributor to Touchpoint, the journal for service design professionals, and writes frequently for Adobe on design. And somehow she also finds time to speak at major international conferences such as The Service Experience Conference, Interaction16, Service Experience Camp Berlin, Service Design Network Global Conference and FITC.

In her work, Linn regularly applies mapping tools of multiple types in various commercial and non-profit contexts, and is excited to share a wonderful world of map-obsession and design with you.

For more info, you can follow Linn on on Twitter @wittster or you can check out her personal website, linnvizard.com.

*Image credit: emerce.nl

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