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Shopify’s Lynsey Thornton set to speak at CanUX 2016

March 23, 2016 by Tanya Snook

We’re thrilled to announce the second Canadian speaker at CanUX 2016.

How we scaled our UX team from 1 to 150
} Nov 13, 2016   9:50am / 20 MINUTES

Building a great UX team is the most challenging and impactful thing I’ve done in my career. But we as UX professionals often focus our discussion on day-to-day practitioner skills, leaving leadership topics as an afterthought. While the “UX team of one” is still a common reality, more of us will face the important challenge of growing our team as the role of design in industry matures. I was ill-prepared for the task of hiring, scaling, and managing a large creative team. I know I’m not alone. In this short talk I’ll share some of the most important things I’ve tried, failed, and learned as we’ve grown from 1 to 150 people.

Speaker Bio: Lynsey Thornton

Originally from Ireland, and currently based in Vancouver, BC, Lynsey is the Director of UX Research at Shopify. With a background in design, project management and business, she focusses on building UX teams and practices in high-growth tech companies. Her true loves are ethnographic research, and developing women in tech.

Prior to leading her multidisciplinary team of frontend developers, designers, researchers and content strategy at Shopify, Lynsey designed video games, focusing on interaction design. Similar to her path at Shopify, the gaming company she worked for also hadn’t done UX research before. She created her first UX team there and has been building UX research teams ever since. Early on, Lynsey worked as a project manager at Dell.

A self-described “Dubliner loving Canada, she originally moved to North America to gain some international work experience. Nowadays, Lynsey is a frequent speaker at UX events and was a guest judge for the Vancouver UX Awards.

For more info, you can follow Lynsey on on Twitter @lynseythornton

*Image credit: LinkedIn & @lynseythornton

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