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Convince Your Boss to Send You to CanUX

May 15, 2017 by Corneliux

Wanna come to CanUX but can’t convince your boss to send you? Here are 10 big reasons that should help you close the deal. We’ve done all the work for you, all you really need to do is send him or her the link to this article.

As a non-profit event, we try to make the most of the event on a very limited budget. But unlike other conferences out there charging an arm and a leg, we actually choose to pass the cost savings to our attendees. Other similar UX events in Canada and the US cost 2 to 5 times the amount our early bird prices (CDN$269 ~ US$195) and regular prices (CDN$369 ~ US $269). Our accommodations at the chic Four Points by Sheration across the street from the CanUX venue are just CDN$115/night for a double room. So if you share the costs with a friend, it will cost you just CDN$58/night. All those figures are ridiculously low, but don’t take our word for it, do some actual research if you’re still not convinced (we could list our competition and their prices here, but that would be bad form).

Sure, we go to great lengths to create a great conference experience. But no conference can be considered great without relevant, compelling content. From the UX of Hyperloop to spacesuit design and the upcoming robot takeover of services, from the Canadian perspective on respectful design to the relevance of cartography to service designers, from user research alternatives to demystifying the point of information architecture in the era of product design, CanUX 2017 delivers what we truly believe are can’t-miss world-class experience design conference topics in our own backyard. Our keynotes have graced the stages of hundreds of international experience design conferences, and this year, even our non-keynote speakers are actually 2017 closing keynotes of some of the most renowned UX conferences in the world (IA Summit, UXPA International). So stay tuned for the full 2017 program due out in the summer and get ready for even more amazing upcoming sessions that are yet to be made public.

We take pride on doing our part in curating a product that covers multiple perspectives. 20+ speakers from 5 countries on 3 continents are going to grace the CanUX stage and/or will teach workshops this year. Almost half will be ladies and many diverse ethnic backgrounds will be represented. We’re still a work in progress, but we’re taking big steps forward every year.

A one and half hour lunch break spent waiting in a buffet line is not our idea of a great conference experience. During our lunch, you will be randomly assigned a restaurant in the neighbourhood where you will enjoy your meal with approx 100 of your fellow attendees. Our speakers join in the fun as well, and you’ll never know who you’ll sit beside. In the last couple of years since we started this, some CanUXers were lucky enough to sit beside and chat with the likes of Alan Cooper, Steve Krug, Peter Morville, Kim Goodwin, Lou Rosenfeld, Abby Covert, Stephen Anderson, Peter Merholz, Cennydd Bowles, Leisa Reichelt, Boon Sheridan, Jess McMullin, Simone Rebaudengo, Steve Hillenius and many, many more. This year, you may be lucky enough to share a meal with the likes of Mike Monteiro, Dori Tunstall, Dan Saffer, Meena Kothandaraman, Dan Klyn or Dan Ramsden. How cool is that?

CanUX is the largest annual gathering of UX professionals in Canada. That’s right, CanUX attracts over 525 participants, mostly Canadians, from across the Great White North, from Halifax to Vancouver, with large contingents hailing from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. You’ll get at chance to connect, chat and learn from people who share not only your geographical location, but also similar markets, audiences and hurdles on the way to UX success.

Enjoying great content in a boring grey box is not much fun. CanUX takes place in an architecturally stunning venue, the Douglas Cardinal designed Canadian Museum of History (as it was sadly ‘harperized’ in 2013 after it was previously known worldwide as the Canadian Museum of Civilization). Bathing in natural light, curved lines and white tyndall stone, the venue will make you feel like you’re part of an art exhibit (in all fairness, there are exhibits open around the venue so while on a break, you can always take a peek at the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles).

Our mandate as an event is to inspire you to work better, and produce better work. Every one of our seven previous editions have created a unique vibe based on a level of community energy that quite frankly we have not seen anywhere else (and we do go to quite a few other conferences throughout the year). You and your team should also experience that sense of belonging and finding your tribe, just like thousands of Canadian designers have done so since 2010.

As Canada’s premier UX event, we bring a healthy dose of Canadian content, whether it’s Canadian designers from the west coast to the east coast, or Canadian speakers residing and working abroad. Sure having international speakers is a fantastic way of exposing our audience to what is globally relevant in the world of UX, but what about what’s happening at home? Well, don’t you worry, we’ll have Canada covered too.

Many events are hosted by their organizers or bring in local ‘celebrities’ to raise their profile. In some cases that’s a good thing, but in most cases it gets a little monotone. Our emcee extraordinaire, Rob Woodbridge, is a whole different kind of cat. In fact we think he’s easily the best emcee on the UX conference circuit today. But don’t take our word for it, come see it for yourself. And be forewarned, there will be swearing (though within the confines of our Code of Conduct)

2017 marks the first year CanUX will attempt to run workshops on both Thursday, Nov 2nd, and Friday, November 3rd, the two days preceeding the conference main program. All the workshop details are now public and are available on our Program page

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our tickets page, and join us in November 2017.

*Image credit: CanUX & Elida Arrizza

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