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Shelley Evenson is our second 2016 keynote

April 25, 2015 by Corneliux

Fjord’s Executive Director will keynote CanUX 2016.

Keynote: Inside Out | Outside In
} Time: TBD / 45 MINUTES

Liquid expectations (where everything competes with everything, and people’s expectations transcend expected boundaries) are fundamentally changing the underpinnings of business as we know it. It used to be sufficient to outsource design and innovation, but today integrating service design and innovation into the organization is increasingly becoming the only way to respond.

How do you cultivate a great service design organization under these new conditions, in unfamiliar settings, and with silos that want to reject new ways of working? This talk will cover how to attract change agents, grow everyone’s skills, cultivate the culture of your dreams, and share stories that will keep the new ‘hive’ growing and innovating.

Speaker Bio: Shelley Evenson

Shelley Evenson the Executive Director of Organizational Evolution at Fjord, the renowned London-based global service design consultancy that was acquired by Accenture in 2013. She leads initiatives to grow talent and advance innovative knowledge-sharing practices across the company, infusing refreshed thinking into Fjord’s strategy DNA. And, as co-founder of the International Service Design Network, Shelley has the chops to work with Fjord’s global teams to deepen their skills and expertise by bringing groundbreaking service design practices to client projects.

You may not believe in reincarnation, but Shelley has already had three lives. She’s been an academic, consultant, and an interaction design guru. Previously, she was a Research Manager in Design and User Experience at Facebook and a Principal User Experience Designer and Manager for Microsoft. She was also an Associate Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. And throughout these lives, she’s had two strong love affairs: one with education and the other with technology.

Prior to her academic career, she was vice president and chief experience strategist for Scient, director of design at DKA/Digital Knowledge Assets, director at Doblin Group, and vice president of Fitch. A contributor to several books and articles on service, interaction and design strategy, Shelley is a frequent speaker at events including the AIGA’s Design Conference, IA Summit, IIT’s Design Research Conference, IxDA, and the Service Design Network conference.

When Shelley isn’t working with Fjord’s leadership team to create inspiring, strategic programs for the company’s clients, she’s busy with her fourth life: spending time with her children, her dog, and getting around to her longtime painting hobby.

For more info, you can follow Shelley on on Twitter @shelleyke

*Image credit: Jens Wedin

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