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Need a Little Stretch? Join our Sunday Yoga Class

November 8, 2015 by Tanya Snook

Join Sage Cram for a yoga flow class bright and early.

CanUX Yoga
} Nov 5, 2017   7:15am / 45 MINUTES

What’s better than some gentle yoga to stretch and soothe your body before a full day of conference sessions? Nothing! Join us for a 45 min yoga class to awaken both the body and clear the mind. We’ll mix some fun pranayama (breathing techniques) with a flow class designed to wake the body and get you moving.

Instructor Bio: Sage Cram

For the past 20 years Sage Cram has attempted to make yoga a part of her life. Yoga has allowed her to pursue the sports she loves without falling apart. It has also given her the patience and compassion to raise two children while working full time. In 2003 she completed her yoga teacher training and has since pursued advanced training in prenatal and partner yoga.

Where: Theatre stage, Museum of History
Who: Open to all CanUX attendees but limited to the first 10 people who sign up.
Registration: A sign-up sheet will be available on-site at the Museum on Saturday. (Please note participants must also sign a waiver to participate.)
What to bring: Comfy yoga clothes and a yoga mat. (Don’t have one? We’ll have some on hand. Email Tanya to reserve one.)
Experience required: None!

But… I have nowhere to shower after. Help?
No worries! This session is meant for fun and will be gentle enough to prevent you from breaking into a serious sweat. If you need to towel off and change, there are change rooms and washrooms backstage which you can use.

For more info, you can follow Sage on on Twitter @sagecram

*Image credit: CanUX & Elida Arrizza

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