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Veronique and Pascal will talk about UX in Erotica at CanUX 2016

March 5, 2016 by Corneliux

The 2016 edition of CanUX just got a little hotter.

UX in Erotica
} Time: TBD / 30 MINUTES

Session description will be available at a later time.

Speaker Bio: Veronique Verreault

Veronique is the founder and president of Miss VV’s Mystery, a company that creates erotic toys with companion mobile applications. After studying management at UQAM and McGill, motivated by her passion to become a successful entrepreneur and human well-being, Veroniqe decided to make her dream come true: she started her own business in a fascinating market in which she could use her knowledge, creativity and personal touch to enhance lives of women and couples everywhere.

She worked with engineers, industrial designers, sexologists and mobile applications developers and after over a year of research and development and a social media financing campaign, she launched “Miss on the Go”, a combination between a vibrator and Kegel exercise device for women that’s controlled through a mobile app. The application has additional features – like letting another user control the device from afar, helping couples enjoy their sex life while they’re travelling. The application also has a social networking feature, allowing users to play with strangers, share photos has a Tinder-like geolocation feature.

For more info, you can follow Veronique on on Twitter @missvvsmystery

Speaker Bio: Pascal de Grandpre

Pascal is a partner at Ordi-Folie, a company that acts as “Virtual CTO” for its clients. They’ve done work for IBM, Bouygues Telecom, a number of canadian hospitals, and organisations in the manufacturing/distribution industry and the artist production industry. As digital nomad, Pascal remotely manages his company while finding inspiration in discovering the planet with his wife and dog “Gypsy”. Even his company only employs like-minded fellow travelers as the team meets by video conference and works no more than 20 hours/week. He’s been designing travelers vans in Australia, teaching IT to immigrants in Canada, collecting plastic waste while off-road-tripping around the Americas in his 4x4 vehicle, renovating a shack while paragliding in the French Alps, guiding divers under water in the Philipines, climbing the Mont Blanc and Everest base camp, and he’s currently guiding a group of hikers in the Canadian Rockies.

Co-founding the startup LeeLoo with his partner Brian Couchman, Pascal led a detailed in-depth analysis of the libertine community to research and understand their users’ reality. The application has been developed following a user-centered approach, with each piece of functionality have been designed in collaboration with a group of ambassadors in the libertine community. This approach allowed them to create to the first version of the application, that they consider to be the minimum viable product (MVP). They are now back in discovery mode, aiming to created a second version of the App, a version they name the “MLP” (Minimum Lovable Product). LeeLoo has been (and is still) a wonderfull LEAN start­up laboratory, that continuously test concepts and assumptions, in collaboration with a dynamic and mutating community.

For more info, you can follow Pascal on on Twitter @pgranpre

*Image credit: CanUX

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