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IBM’s Kevin Grignon will teach Service Blueprinting

February 7, 2017 by Corneliux

Another Service Design workshop is on deck for 2017.

Effective Design: Blueprint for Collaboration
} Nov 2, 2017   8:30AM / 3.5 Hours

Collaboration with other disciplines is essential to our success. Designers in every company struggle to work effectively with engineers, product managers, account directors, and others. A desire for quality, effective work unites us all, yet without effective collaboration, the work as a whole suffers. As designers, we possess an important skill that can address this issue – the design of experience. What if we apply experience design to our own work, crafting experiences that matter not just for users, but for every human being involved in the shipping of products and services? In this half-day workshop, Kevin Grignon and members of IBM Studios Ottawa will share the service blueprint technique, a design thinking tool the IBM Studios Ottawa team uses to design a sustainable culture of collaboration. We’ll help you design a co-worker-centered journey, using a design thinking mindset, so you can help your team work well with others.

    In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to apply a Design Thinking mindset to the design of your team
  • How to create a Service Blueprint for your team
  • How to craft an experience for your collaborators so you can all make great work together

This collaboration design workshop is an active learning experience, where participants will work in groups to co-create a shared understanding of their as is… work culture. Workshop activities will have participants create a variety of design thinking work products and artifacts to help teams go from abstract thoughts, to concrete actions – helping them realize their to be… work culture.
The Workshop is geared toward design leaders with 4 or more years experience, however, activities are applicable to anyone interested in understanding and optimizing their team collaboration culture – from unicorns, to squad lead, and beyond.

Speaker Bio: Kevin Grignon

Kevin is a Design Lead for IBM Business Analytics and Director of IBM Studios Ottawa. He is a designer with over 20 years experience designing and delivering software and service experiences. Kevin has led design organizations to deliver simple, elegant, and compelling product experiences to market for clients including: Coca-Cola, Bank of China, Huawei, Corel, Nortel Networks and others.

In 2000, Kevin founded and managed Pixsol Interaction, a design consultancy offering strategic product design and innovation services. Kevin joined IBM in 2004, where he drove the design of software solutions within the Development Tooling and Social Business segments. Kevin has built out and directed IBM’s design studios programs in Shanghai, China and Ottawa, Canada. He is a respected thought leader who regularly shares his expertise on topics of software design, design governance, strategy and culture, with clients and design communities around the world.

For more info, you can follow Kevin on on Twitter @greenyo

*Image credit: Kevin Grignon

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